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Thinking about selling your home?

You don't have to do it alone. Let the GCI Real Estate Network lend a hand - with tools, information, savings and an agent you can trust.

Get an estimate

If you're looking to sell, it's a great idea to start with an estimate of how much your home is worth. Don't guess - let our Agent Advisor do all of the work for you.

Get more specific

Your home's value is impacted by a variety of market conditions - like the sale price of comparable homes, interest rates, foreclosures, and the time of year. Refine your estimate with our interactive pricing tool - which takes similar homes in your neighborhood and your home's unique selling points into account.

Connect with your T+G Advisor 

With intimate knowledge of your area and the expertise necessary to give you a detailed assessment, your Advisor can help you set the right price and put together a comprehensive marketing plan.

Your T+G Advisor will be there to guide you through every step of the listing process. Ready to take the first step?  Call us at (877) 840-0144.

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Not all properties are built the same, yet T&G values every home our advisors represent and will demonstrate the trust, guidance, expertise, time and incredible marketing resources to help sell your property to the right buyer at the correct price.


Our T&G platform provides an extensive reach to get your property in front of qualified buyers whether they’re next door or in the District, Maryland or Virginia - because they deserve to see it and you deserve to sell it.


Working with an T&G Advisor gives you the EDGE that allows each home listing extensive exposure in all major markets within the DMV and beyond in which a potential buyer for your property may exist.


Tropical Leaves

Purchasing a home is a big step for any consumer, but one we strongly recommend.


Homeownership is one of the single biggest ways to build wealth and prepare for a stable retirement. And unlike other investments, you can live in your house, so it’s not just a way to store and build wealth over time.


The process of buying a house can be long and involved, but thankfully no one has to go through it alone.


Every homebuyer has access to professional help, from housing counselors to real estate agents, mortgage brokers, inspectors, etc. Anyone who is planning to buy a home should take advantage of all of the assistance available to ensure his or her success.


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